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Cost-Effective Concrete Sealing

Industrial Floor - Concrete Sealing

Paul Larson Concrete builds new concrete structures for your industrial business within Rockford, Illinois. We also prevent damage from high traffic and weather with our concrete sealing services.

New Structures

Improve the production of your business with a brand new factory floor, or expand your business to serve more customers with a larger parking lot.

We are here for all of your concrete needs as specialists of the trade. For more than 10 years, our experienced group of individuals has been working directly with the same providers and factories to create:

• Parking Lots
• Machine Bases
• Factory Floors
• Containment Pits

• Garage Floors
• Sidewalks

• Decorative Stamping

Protective Sealant

Seal your outdoor concrete structures from salt and water at least every other year. For high traffic areas, we suggest resealing each year to protect your concrete. Our sealant mix makes your concrete easy to clean, giving it a glossy look. It only takes one to two days to completely seal your concrete, so your business is not interrupted. We even power wash your parking lot or sidewalk if needed.

Protect your driveways and parking lots with concrete sealing to prevent water penetration.